Importance Of Corporal Punishment In Schools

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One of the biggest controversies of today is that if corporal punishment should be allowed in school. These kinds of punishments make a child feel unwanted or hated. Parents should give permission for a teacher to do this. A child soon becomes fearful of an environment that they should really feel open to! Corporal Punishment used to be very common back then. Flogging has been a punishment in schools since 1804. It is rumored even Jesus was flogged before he was crucified. Birching was popular as well. All the way into the 20th century it was still very popular in schools to hit their students. P.E teachers would take their shoe off and hit the children that were not doing as well, physically. Ellen Key, a writer from Britain, stood up for what she thought was right and that corporal punishment should be stopped. The united nations were the first group to stand up for their own thoughts. They believed children are human too and should be treated just like one. In the 1990s and 2000s, governments, courts, parents, and the general citizenry in the United States considered new and troubling questions including with student discipline and conduct. The late 1990s we saw a number of spectacular on campus crimes by juveniles, including acts of murder, suicide, assault, and massive property damage. But does that mean you should hit them? “This was a cruelty made by history. Long after serfdom had been abolished the land captains exercised their right to flog the peasants for petty
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