The Key To Recovery: Occupational Therapy

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Supporting the client It is important for the patient to receive as much support as possible from the health specialist. Sometimes, patients can be deranged and have irrational thoughts and therefore cannot make decisions or find proper solutions. When the patient is discouraged or even feels isolated he or she needs extra support. They also need to realize that there is someone who cares for them and who is willing to listen to what they have to say. In many health systems, such as some mental wards or even hospitals, patients receive enough support from specialists, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, and other health professionals. Obviously, a person who needs extensive assistance will get enough time from the health expert.…show more content…
Telling the truth in this situation is the key to recovery. Solutions can be discovered only if the patient is honest about situations they have gone through, reactions they have had or problems they have encountered. The more one talks about the psychological process, the easier it is to find answers and solutions. Understanding one 's triggers is important when seeking solutions. Understanding one 's priorities is also central to personal development. It is also important to identify the stimuli that cause stress. Answers can be find by looking at a particular problem from different angles and through different lenses. Unless the causes of stress are understood, the counsellor will have a difficult time finding ways to overcome them. That is why one must start from ground zero, and analyze their every reaction to stressors. Being open with one 's therapist brings a great sense of release and reassurance. Understanding one 's stress is helpful in many ways. High stress levels are generally accompanied by agitation, nervousness, and anxiety. People have different reactions to stress; some cope longer and others fall apart…show more content…
They will slowly find answers to their issues over time. By retaining and applying the information they gathered from their therapist, patients will slowly become more positive and encouraged about their personal journey. Discussion with a therapist will shed light on one 's issues and will help them cope with them. Should one not agree with a certain solution they may ask for an alternative one. The most important part of therapy is implementing discussed solutions in real life. The more one understands their crisis, the more confident they will feel, and the more likely they will heal. When one knows what exactly causes their problems, the health specialist can prescribe medication accordingly, if
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