Count Me In: A Personal Narrative Analysis

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I attend St Peter Catholic Secondary School in Peterborough Ontario.
There are two main reasons why I would be thrilled and honoured to have Count Me In come to my school.

The first is personal for me. I attended Count Me In Toronto in 2014 and it changed my life completely. From the very first video "Kids These Days" I was crying the whole time and it inspired me to become the person I am now today. I was in Grade 10 when I came to CMI. Then in Grade 11 I was suddenly forced to leave home and move in with my Aunt & Uncle. I then had to switch schools for Grade 11. It was very hard. Despite the obvious and very difficult challenges I faced when switching schools, I was able to persevere. This is something I was able to do because I am naturally
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In 2012 (before I came to St Petes) the principal at that time, Ms. Kathy Ross committed suicide. Although I didn't come to St Petes until 2014, I could still see the devastating effect it had on my school community. People still spoke about her in the most endearing terms, and it was common to hear my peers bring her up with reverent. This tragedy had long-lasting effects that continue to this day. Then just this past year, tragedy struck our school once again. A physics teacher, Mr Dave Young, also died suddenly in the night. You could see the fear in the students eyes when they arrived to school and the flag was at half-mass. The feeling was all too familiar for many and when the news came in our homeroom classes I saw devastation and sorrow that I didn't know was possible. Seeing my teacher (Mr Joe Webster) the most inspirational person I know break down and cry, along with many of my peers was a life changing experience like coming to Count Me In. I have tried to capture the pain my school community has felt in this message, but I don't think I ever could adequately describe this school's
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