Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Courage Analysis

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Courage can happen in a lot of different circumstances Courage is not given it is a choice. In the novel Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry The Author, Mildred Taylor, used Stacey as someone to stand up for his siblings, his friends, the rest of his family, and stood strong against white people trying to take him down. Stacey had courage when he made a hole in the ground so the bus would wreck, when he charged at T.J because of what he told the white people about the teacher Mrs. Logan, and when he told Cassie, Little Man, and Christopher John to go get papa and he would stay there to make sure the Averyś did not get hurt. Stacey has a lot of courage because he tried to stand up for everything that happened to his family friends and his siblings. He would be afraid, but what I think he thought was I let this happen to someone, or it could happen to me and them, or it just be me. Would you wreck a bus just to get revenge for you and your family? Stacey is not afraid because he and his family wants revenge on the bus full of white people that always getś them super dirty on purpose. At the beginning of Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, Stacey getś a good idea for revenge. Stacey…show more content…
At the end of the book of Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Stacey had to make sure nothing bad happened to his siblings and friends. Stacey told his siblings to go while he would make sure no one got super badly hurt or killed over what was happening right then. “Please, Cassie? Trust me, will ya?” (Taylor, 27).That is very dangerous because anybody could see him then kill him. He could even try to save them and then get killed or hurt. They could also just hear him in the woods and then capture him and do something bad to him, like killing him or really badly injuring
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