Importance Of Courtesy In Malaysia

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Courtesy is a good practice that should be on everyone so that all their actions are guided and do not deviate from social norms required in society.Courtesy is important to produce a noble, ideal and utopia for the sake of national mission merealisikan country towards Vision 2020. Iman al-Ghazali said, "If you want to recognize faces look in the mirror, but when you want to identify yourself look in the face" . these words reflect the personality and noble character that the measuring line to each individual. Truly noble is demanded from the angle of culture, civilization and religion. Nevertheless, d natural weathered boom era of science and technology, culture courteous in society is vanishing in the minds of adults and adolescents. News…show more content…
Public courteous respect each other regardless of whatever color or status of the individual. Not only that, this will be good practice to educate people of different races and religions to always keep your feelings to each other either through speech or talking treatments.People say, " overshoot boat can be postponed, overshoot behavior or say bad consequence ." The outburst idea 1 Malaysia concept introduced by YAB Dato 'Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, the sixth is a step that coincided with the atmosphere and ideals people feel increasingly shaky because of different political views. This concept aspires to improve race relations to ensure that Malaysians can forge a greater unity. The basic thing that needs to be created in the spirit of unity is a sense of respect, sincerity and mutual trust between the communities. Where there is mutual respect, people will be able to live in a harmonious and happy despite living with people of different cultures, customs and trust. In the meantime, a misunderstanding between the races or the race riots such as the May 13, 1969 can be avoided.Anniversary of the liberation of the 51 in the year 2008 with the theme 'Unity Is Key To Success ' clearly shows the importance of unity in our country, which consists of the composition.Proverb says that united we stand tall so when people unite, countries can develop advanced and the external elements can not destabilize the country easily. Strictly speaking, the concept of unity can be achieved easily if the practice of courtesy practiced in daily life

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