Importance Of Creative Industries In Pakistan

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CREATIVE INDUSTRIES OF PAKISTAN Introduction: The Creative Industries refers to a field of economic activities which are concerned with the creation or exploitation of knowledge and information. They may also be referred as the cultural industries or creative economy. Creative Industry comprises of advertising, art, architecture, crafts, fashion, design, film, music, drama, performing arts, publishing, software development, toys, games, radio, TV, video games and the list goes on. These industries have become more and more important to economic prosperity. If we empirically analyze the role of creative industries, we find three major roles in affecting an economy’s innovation performance. First, Creative Industries are a major source of new and original ideas and therefore contribute to an economy’s creative potential and the development of new products and services. Secondly, they offer services which may be addition to innovative activities of other companies and organizations within and outside the creative industries. Thirdly, creative industries are demanding users of technology and often demand variation and new advancement of technology, providing new motivation to technology producers. Keeping in mind the importance of creative industries for the economic growth, I would like to discuss some major digitalized creative industries of Pakistan. I have been gathering the bits and pieces of one of Pakistan’s most

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