Reflective Essay: My Improvement In My Writing

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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” These were the words that my elementary teacher told my class before a summer vacation. I never forgot them because they were the reason I ever got into my creative writing. I’ve been writing stories for both profit and pleasure for the last ten years, and each one is an example of my improvement. I took this class as a review course after my recent two year hiatus, and I believe that I have made an improvement in my writing as a whole. Before I took this course, I wasn’t confident in my organizational skills, I couldn’t make my stories flow, and I wasn’t sure if I was using correct grammar and punctuation, or just making a fool of myself. After this course, I know that I have corrected my mistakes and, once again, improved, not only in my creative writing, but in all my…show more content…
I believe that, in my type of writing, I am more prone to incorrectly using punctuation, because of my tendency to type what I see, as if I was saying it. I believe it especially so because of my lack of knowledge in certain punctuation; such as semicolons & ampersands. (Not to mention parentheses). But, once again, thanks to this class I will no longer make small mistake in my writing like those in the previous sentences. Each lesson is available to me, should I forget, and I have many examples and tests to assist me in the future. Instead of hoping that I have correctly used a punctuation, I will be able to proudly use all the punctuations at my disposal.
I will never say that my writing is perfect, nor should any writer, because we all know that with every poem penned to paper, and every story typed in, and every report printed, there is something to learn and improve on. When asked if I’ve learned anything from this class I would have to say, yes, I believe I have. So I’ll write about
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