Creativity In Education Research Paper

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The creativity is a process which can be enhanced by education. The creativity process may be evaluated in the most efficient way by following the student studies. The significant point is to look at the events, ideas, rules, behaviors and objects from different perspectives and to experience it in the life itself. The creativity is an important dimension of learning. The creative thinking is vital for acquiring the information and the environments convenient to enhancing the creativity help learners to hold positive attitudes towards learning. In this study, the creativity and creative thinking which are crucial nowadays and assumed to increase its importance in the future are
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The creative thinking plays a significant role in the architecture of a fast change with new expansions such as virtual reality, virtual product, etc. by overcoming the classic reality concept. The virtual realities or virtual products implicated in the brains, institutional power, computers and flexible production lines of teams who work together are the products of ‘’creative thinking’’. Everything from car making, libraries to education and training activities is operated with virtualization.
Moreover, the traditional approach of ‘’Great minds think alike’’ has been transforming into ‘’Great minds think different’’ in the new expansions of creative thinking which drives fast change. Our customized functional and knowledge-based unique ways of using the mind and paradigms shows us that the great minds think different. In other words, the information is the basic raw material of creative thinking; the design created by processing the information and foresight based products are the treasures of our mind which transform into a real capability and ability [1-2 and
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The divergent thinking requires the ability of giving different responses by using miscellaneous information as a spring board for reaching multiple choices. In the divergent thinking, the association and expression fluencies are dominant.

In the divergent thinking, the new solutions which are unique are searched while it is laid emphasis on a single correct answer persistently in the convergent thinking. In current education system, the course practices and exam systems mostly support the development of convergent thinking. But a balance may be established between these two ways of thinking by encouraging the students to seek new responses for problems, catch different potential solutions and evaluate the sufficiency of alternative solutions regardless of which type the problems they encounter.
However, if the teacher insists on a single correct answer in order to gain time on teaching period as is often the case; in conclusion, the student will adopt a way of learning which seeks for a single acceptable response. On the other hand, if the teacher encourages seeking different ways of solution, the student will have the tendency to learn the ways of divergent thinking which makes contribution to more creative problem
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