Why Is Credit Finance Important In Banking

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credit finance in banking sources of credit

A bank credit is the amount of credit available to a company or individual from the banking system. It is the aggregate of the amount of funds financial institutions are willing to provide to an individual or organization. The definition of a credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party where that second party does not reimburse the first party immediately thereby generating a debt, but instead arranges either to repay or return those resources or other materials of equal value at a later date. The resources provided may be financial like loans, or they may consist of goods or services like consumer credit. Credit encompasses any form of deferred payment.
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This includes purchases made on credit cards, lines of credit and some loans, investment credit which is the amount that businesses are allowed by law to deduct from their taxes, reflecting an amount they reinvest in themselves, international credit defined as one of the forms of the movement of monetary and material, public credit which means the reputation of, or general confidence in, the ability or readiness of a government to fulfill its pecuniary engagements. The ability and fidelity of merchants or others who owe largely in a community and real estate is defined as the money allowed to be borrowed for ownership of a property consisting of land or…show more content…
A low credit score indicates bad credit, while a high credit score is an indicator of good credit. Creditors who have lent money to an individual with bad credit face a higher risk of that individual missing payments or defaulting. An individual 's credit history is dependent on a number of factors, including the amount borrowed, the amount of available credit remaining and the timeliness of payments. An individual may have bad credit if he or she does not make timely payments or has defaulted on a loan during a period of time. Having bad credit makes it more difficult or costly to obtain loans, such as mortgages, from financial institutions. There are companies that while still supply or finance bad credit. One note bad credit means different things to different lenders. Some lenders won’t consider your application if you have a credit score below a certain number, while others will make it a smaller part of their lending decisions. Avant, Springleaf Financial and Peerform are financial companies which top a surveys score as the best companies that will finance a bad credit. Some companies will even support your auto loan even if you have bad credit financial companies like Auto Credit Express, Capital One and MyAutoLoan.com are finance banks that will provide loans even with a bad credit
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