Importance Of Crime Scene Investigation

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Processing of crime scene include :-
• Careful examination
• Note taking
• Sketching
• Photography
• Collection of physical evidences
Crime scene searching must be done in systematic way proper steps must be taken at appropriate time . crime scene processing should not be done in a messy way.
Note taking is important in crime scene processing because it helps investigator to write down all the observations and maintain a record of everything observed in the crime scene. Even an insignificant writing on investigators notes can be later useful for investigation.
Some very important points to be kept in mind while taking notes are :-
• Notes should be made in chronological order.
• Notes prepared by investigating
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Do not focus completely on ground . Evidences can be there on ceiling as well as on tree branches .outdoor crime scene search at night times create problems . any search for physical evidences are best on day lights .
CRIME SCENE PHOTOGRAPHY photographs serves number of purposes. They help in refreshing memory of witness and investigators. A very important purpose of crime scene is that they help to convey an image of crime scene to the judge.
No matter how well an investigating officer can verbally describe a crime scene photographs can tell the same story in better and easy way photographs should be taken even before detailed examination of crime scene is done or even before any items are moved or even touched. Detailed photographs should be taken to show how evidences are found by investigator prior to their removal. important photographs needed for crime scene investigation are :-
• Location :- photographs of location of crime scene should be made it makes locating place eas.
• Witness photographs:- they are the overall photos of the crime scene. They depict the scene as observed by the
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Because their voice can distract video.
As with photographs close up video tape recordings are useful for small evidences. They should also contain scales to show the actual size of the item.
Crime scene sketches should be routinely made. A crime scene sketching is simply an illustrative drawing that accurately depicts the appearance of crime scene. It is easier if two people can work on a sketch. One person to draw and the other one to take measurement. Crime scene sketching helps investigator to recall details of the crime scene. They are also easy to present in court as it is very easy to understand by even judges. Drawing can be used to question suspects and witness of crime. Sketches along with photographs makes better knowledge.
Information included in crime scene sketches are
It should contain case number, name of suspect, victim, and investigator, person drawing the diagram, and the date and time when sketch is made, it should also contain scale if required and distance measurement of items on the crime
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