Importance Of Criminal Justice

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Though forgiveness and clemency matter significantly in social life, they play comparatively small roles in criminal justice system. The criminal procedure is dominated by the State whose interests in deterring, debilitating and imposing retribution leave little room for forgiveness. However, justice need not be so austere, intangible and uncongenial. A more modified, concrete criminal justice system could give much better credence to the benefit and needs of the offenders, victims and members of the society. An offender usually inflicts both physical and psychological injuries upon a victim. This kind of an action on the part of the offender, justifies the victim’s resentment of the offender. The resentment protests the injustice of the wrong, the victim’s self-worth, and the wrong-doer’s abuse of his moral agency. Having been victimized, many victims are justifiably annoyed, terrified, regretful or even grief stricken. As expected, people assume that victims therefore want revenge and call for blood and certainly sometimes they do. On the other hand, there are some victims who demand justice but are even open to mercy as well. Many of them want to deal with offenders in person and understand why their crimes happened. Ideally, many would like to receive apologies as well. So much so, forgiveness of such harms inflicted upon the victim or victim’s family must ordinarily come from them rather than any outsider mourning for such loss. It is usually the offenders who may put
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