Importance Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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In nursing practice, a nurse shoulders the responsibility of making decisions that affect their patient's life. In order to effectively make the best decision, they must be able to use critical thinking. Critical Thinking is important because it is the difference between simply believing what is given and being able to make one's own educated decisions based upon evidence provided in the field. Multiple aspects make up critical thinking, and who is equipped to be an effective critical thinker. Most of these aspects can be taught while nurses are still in school to better their chances of success. These components are defined and broken down in a multitude of ways. Exploring Critical Thinking Describing Critical Thinking in Nursing Critical…show more content…
The most basic characteristics necessary before critical thinking can develop are motivation in all aspects of life, general adequate knowledge, and confidence in oneself to effectively learn and communicate. According to Giancarlo, Facione, Liu, Frankel, Roohr, Moore, and Profetto-McGrath, after these antecedents are achieved, analysis, judgement, evaluation, and open-mindedness are the next major characteristics needed. Analysis is essentially methodically examining the information provided and understanding the significance of it. According to Moore, judgement is being presented with two options and being able to effectively choose the better one. Evaluation is then using the information provided to firmly decide the effectiveness of choices made and interventions put into place. Open-mindedness is less a skill and more of an innate quality, it is the ability to accept outside opinions and views and to accept other realistic alternatives (Canada, 2016). Without open-mindedness one cannot truly grow. Facione adds to this, saying that being inquisitive in nature, honest about any biases, motivated to seek out specific information to the situation, and always willing to reconsider are also necessary qualities (Wahl & Thompson, 2013). These qualities can all be influenced by a person's personality and the way that they think. Scheffer and Rubenfeld found that critical thinking is…show more content…
These methods need to include deep learning, analysis, and problem solving. Also, it is important to consider ways that can assist adult students as well (Asknes, 2017). Some proven effective methods are disgining and running simulation, guided reflective journaling, and the Think Like a Nurse initiative. A study done simulation and encouraging students to come up with their own simulation experience as well showed great improvement in critical thinking skills. Students acknowledged that they had to use more of their skills to accomplish things such as assigning roles and finding lab values. The students also had to analyze data and work with their peers in the simulation (Wane & Lotz, 2013). Clinical simulation is commonly used, however adding the component of having students design and run a simulation themselves adds another element to the development of their skills. A study conducted on guided reflective journaling after simulation also supports a strong relationship between the two. Students were evaluated post clinical on their use of critical thinking multiple times both after the use of debriefing and not. Both the Holistic Critical Thinking Skills Rubric (HCTSR) and Level of Reflection on Action Assessment (LORAA) were used to evaluate the students (Padden-Denmead, Scaffidi, Kerley & Farside, 2016). Another method to learn

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