Critical Thinking In English Language

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The importance of critical thinking couldn’t be more highly prioritized in academia, even when its application faces much constraint in English language development. What could be so important about a non-linguistic skill in classrooms that are generally devoted to improving linguistic abilities? Critical thinking might play an extra-linguistic role in the context of English language learning, and writing could be one of several modalities used to realize this role in secondary classrooms. It is stated that in the 1970’s, many sociologists and cognitive scientists were interested in the acts of composing as a way to observe how students learn (Sokolik, 2003). Subsequent teaching developments in writing that emphasized problem solving build upon the foundation of these findings. By the 1980’s, critical thinking was a popular term among professionals in education, and thus, made its way into curriculums throughout the world.…show more content…
Both of the former circumstances have practical implications in two different scenarios: one in the classroom and one in a potential workplace. The latter of the three explains more about the psychological implications of any learning environment that involves native speakers of English as teachers or developers of educational materials for second language
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