Constructive Criticism In Personal Life

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Personal life:
3 CRITICISM: constructive criticism brings about creativity that propels me to do my work better. Criticism is essential to the process of improvement in any profession. Constructive criticism can guide me away from bad practices and towards good ones which improves my discharge of duties and produc
Social context
Constructive criticism does not have to cause conflict. It should be presented to leaders as an objective discussion and not as closed minded advice. It should lead to a discussion or debate about the steps to be taken in the best interests of the students, staff and school. This kind of criticism brings new ideas and approaches to the table and facilitates better decision making. It only works, however, in an atmosphere of mutual trust and good faith.
Personal life:
4 INTERNSHIP: This occurs whenever I attached myself self to a professional to learn more or new skills that will impact my work or profession. This could be in form of going for
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All organizational resources and facilities will get waste in absence of motivated employees to utilize these resources effectively. Every superior in the organization must motivate its subordinates for the right types of behavior. The performance of human beings in the organization is dependent on the ability embedded in motivation. A management figure Rensis Likert referred to motivation as “the cost of the management” motivation is an effective instrument in the hands of management in inspiring the workforce. Motivation increases the willingness of the workers to work, thus increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Goals should be realistic and challenging. This gives an individual a feeling of pride and triumph when he attains them, and sets him up for attainment of next goal. The more challenging the goal, the greater is the reward generally and the more is the passion for achieving
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