Importance Of Cross Cultural Communication

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Introduction: Importance of Cross-Cultural Communication

In an increasingly globalised world, different cultures often run into each other. Travelling, migration, transnational businesses, mass media, social networking and the Internet – there are a myriad of reasons that necessitate them to communicate with each other. Cross-cultural communication becomes an inevitable fact of modern life. Because different cultures often have different and even conflicting worldviews, it is also inescapable that conflicts can arise in cross-cultural communications. Scholars of the subject have been looking for ways where different nationalities and cultures can interact with one another successfully and engage in an effective communication.

This paper intends
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For a start, scholars agree that communication is not limited to the mere act of talking. Wandberg (2000, in Kic-Drgas, 2015: 74) stated that communication also involves “gestures, facial expressions, and other ways we express meaning”. In a similar vein, Adler (1991: 63) pointed out that communication includes verbal and non-verbal messages, as well as consciously and non-consciously sent messages. Consequently, addressing conflicts in cross-cultural communication would need to take into account these wide-ranging aspects of…show more content…
Readman is Hamizah’s designated personal tutor. Hamizah met Ms. Readman every other week to discuss any issues related to her study in the university. Ms. Readman addressed the concern on Hamizah’s lack of participation in the class. Hamizah explained that she does not usually say anything unless a question is directed at her. Throughout her school years in her home country, Hamizah said that this is how other students normally behave too. Back then, she did try to engage actively in class discussions but her teacher back then accused her of trying to dominate discussions. Since then, she did not speak much in class
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