Importance Of Cross-Cultural Communication In The Workplace

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Every manager needs to ensure that the atmosphere of their company is a positive one because of diversity in the workplace and have a good understanding of cross-cultural communication. With having different cultures working together there are different rules, roles and mindsets for everyone and how it affects the workplace. How the company acts towards diversity, begins with the manager, and they need to ensure that they understand the pulse of their company. Having a great team begins with the manager and then trickles down to the employees. Mangers need to ensure that there is effective communication within the workplace, that everyone has the knowledge or training to ensure that issues are mitigated. However, managers need to ensure with cross-cultural communication that they define their expectations for all employees, set the tone and guidelines up front and ensures that everyone follows them. From there, the employees that they have an open mind to others in the workplace and understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds, will enhance the workplace abilities when they work together. Another area that companies need to understand is that there are different theories that can ensure that they have an open mind with communication, and team work. Finally, companies need to understand that there’s theories that can guide them through difficulties in the workplace because of cross-cultural communications.
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