Importance Of Cross Cultural Exchange

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Cross-cultural exchange and educational development An array of researchers dealing with the theme of educational development argued for the importance of intercultural and cross-cultural exchange as tools for pedagogical development. Logically, in order for the instructors/facilitators to be able to deal with diverse groups of students with different cultural backgrounds, it is critical that they acknowledge and recognize their own worldviews because this is the only way that the teacher/facilitator can identify with the worldviews and cultural views, norms, values and biases of his/her students. “Researchers assert that in order for teachers to interact effectively with their students they must confront their own racism and biases…learn about their students ' cultures, and…show more content…
Jones (1999: 300) states: “as a teacher, I ask what if ‘togetherness’ and dialogue…fail to hold a compellingly positive meaning for subordinate ethnic groups? What if the ‘other’ fails to find interesting the idea of their empathetic understanding of the powerful, which is theoretically demanded by dialogic encounters? What happens when the other refuses to join in the ‘multiple voices for mutually empowering conversation’?” Indeed there exists a plethora of challenges and limitations concerning the practical implementation of the majority of the cross-cultural dialogue models, however, that doesn’t negate the fact that the majority of these initiatives have a track record of positive impacts on the educational process. It is of great importance, nonetheless, to take into consideration such limitations when assessing the validity of intercultural education in order to absorb the lessons learned and enhance the quality of the process and the respective

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