Importance Of Cross Cultural Management

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Cross cultural management is a knowledge that tries to understand how the national culture influence management practices, identify the difference and similarities of cross cultural in management practices and various organizational context, and to increase the effectiveness in global management.
In this globalization era, there are so many multinational company or organization in the world. Indeed, there are elements in that company which is consist of various kind of countries, ethnics, traditions, religions, etc. Therefore, we need a system to manage the company and also to control the professionalism in our company. Let’s say if there is a problem in our company which is consist of many diversity, so here is the role of cross
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Because differences in cultural background could lead individuals to have a misunderstanding with each other, we know that either verbal or non-verbal language in one place and another place is different. As a social creature, we cannot live without communicate with another people. What would happen if we cannot adapting the understanding of each other, each country also need to interact each other. That’s why there are so many media in the world including internet which can connecting one country with another country in order to providing information about everything happened in that country. Therefore, it is very important for us to study about cross cultural communication in order to know and understanding how to interact with people who has a different cultural background with us. And we can interact effectively with a cross cultural communication…show more content…
Adapting your own behaviors
Global managers have their own culture indeed, but they need to remember that their culture have a big influence into their company. They can not only assume and make a decision just based on their own culture. They need to adjust their behaviors according to the situation in that company.
3. Managing the relationship between culture diversity
A difficult challenge for global managers is to understand and manage the relationship between people inside the company which consist of various culture. They need to train and teach all of the employees about cross cultural management so that they can prevent culture conflicts.
4. Communicating across barriers.
Communication is a big challenge in every company, we need to communicate well into everyone. It is more complex and difficult if a manager have to communicate or operate from a distance. Good global managers can overcome geographic, culture, and language barriers.
5. Understanding and managing external forces
In global business, managers need to learn many external forces that influence their work. External forces affect how the company operate. And sometimes managers must accept that these factors are beyond their
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