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Did you know that there are a lot of different crashes each year about teens on railroads? If you want to stay as safe as possible while crossing the railroad, you must follow all of these rules..
First of all, you should never go on to the tracks if you're not supposed to be there.. Next, you always need to yield to a train. Last of all, you should always stop, look, and listen before crossing railroad tracks.
First of all you should never go onto the tracks if you are not supposed to be there at the time that you are.. In the FRA railroad crossing sheet it states, “In 2011, more than 412 people died in the United States as a result of railroad trespassing.” This quote shows that there are tons of people killed every year due to trespassing
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If they didn’t care about your safety, they would not have made these rules to keep you safe and alive. Next, you always need to yield to a train. Never cross the tracks when the crossing guards are down. Do not go around the crossing guards, they are to make you safer while crossing the tracks.. If there are no crossing guards at a railroad crossing you should look for an oncoming train in both directions. If you can’t see or hear a train you can go but you should most defietly proceed with caution, but if you do see a train wait for it to pass, because trains move much faster than it looks like. You must always yield to a train, they cannot yield to you because it takes to long for them to stop. The average trains stopping distance is over a mile long.
Remember to always yield to a train, because if you don’t yield to a train, it can give you a horrific consequence of either death, or serious injury.
Last, you always need to stop look and listen when coming to a railroad crossing with no crossing guards. Never cross a railroad without looking before you cross. Even where there

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