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1. Crunchslimes For all crispy or crunchy slime, @crunchslimes is the biggest and most famous repost account. You are probably wondering how slime could sound crunchy. The secret to creating crunchy slime (which all slimers should know) is to mix glitter, Styrofoam or some types of beads. This creates slime that crunches whenever it is stretched. Among all slime sounds, this is the most satisfying one. The crunchier the slime is the better the relief through ASMR. 2. Slime_og Those who are new to the world of slime or have no idea of the concept of making slime will find this account extremely beneficial. There are different sorts of slimes most of which are of different textures and create different sounds. There’s the bubblegum slime, the jiggly slime,…show more content…
The inspiration behind the creations you will find on this account is the stress relieving elements they come with. The repetitive movement of the interestingly textured goo eventually becomes subconscious, keeping the hands busy and redirects the stress towards the slime while making satisfying sounds. Twenty hours of her week are spent on whipping up the slime with colorful and bright pigments with the entire process posted on her account. Much as it is a hobby for her, @craftyslimecreator uses it as an opportunity to earn through slime sales. 6. Fruityslimefactory This account may not have as many followers as most on this list but it’s one of the most legit creators of slime. @fruityslimefactory is popularly known as the creator of pop rocks slime. Pop rocks sime is a clear slime with tiny blue fish pebbles within it that make a pop rocks kind of crunch. The popularity is greatly attributed to coming up with this trend. Starting a trend in the slime world can get you famous and @fruityslimefactory is one of the lucky slimers to get this kind of recognition and fame. 7.

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