Importance Of Cultural Awareness In Language Learning

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The importance of cultural awareness in language learning
The word “culture” can be explained as a “social heredity” passed on from one generation to another one with the assemblage of individual experiences and learned as a pattern of social behavior to be followed. It forms common beliefs, conveys general ideas, and shares knowledge on particular customs and values. All of these characteristics are communicated through language which is an integral part of culture. In other words, we can say that language is the carrier of culture which is the content of language, as the existence of culture for human society is possible due to the development and use of a common language among the people. Therefore, those who want to acquire any foreign language should get acquainted with its culture first, since the process of learning any foreign language not only requires students to practice linguistic forms, but also necessitates to become familiar with the culture of target language in order to interpret intercultural communication. In this way, cultural awareness becomes central, since it enables students to recognize the different beliefs, values, perceptions and customs based on that cultural background, and historical development, and it allows a person to build more successful personal and professional relationship in a diversified environment .To be more general, it can be defined that, an awareness of different perspectives, understanding of key issues involved in the

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