Importance Of Cultural Awareness

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Cultural awareness is very important and significant point in learning language. So, first of all, we should analysis what is culture and cultural awareness, connections between language and culture. There are different conceptions of culture. Culture has been referred to as ‘the ways of a people’. This view incorporates both ‘material’ manifestations of culture that are easily seen and ‘non-material’ ones that are more difficult to observe, as Saville-Troike notes. Anthropologists define culture as ‘the whole way of life of a people or group. In this context, culture includes all the social practices that bond a group of people together and distinguish them from others’ (Montgomery and Reid-Thomas,). According to Peck (1998), Culture is all the accepted and patterned ways of behavior of a given people. It is that facet of human life learned by people as a result of belonging to some particular group; it is that part of learned behavior shared with others. Not only does this concept include a group’s way of thinking, feeling, and acting, but also the internalized patterns for doing certain things in certain ways….not just the doing of them. This concept of culture also includes the physical manifestations of a group as exhibited in their achievements and contributions to civilization. Culture is our social legacy as contrasted with our organic heredity. It regulates our lives at every turn. , Good enough summarizes the contents of culture briefly quoted below:
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