Importance Of Cultural Diversity

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Australian Catholic University appreciates respects, celebrates and promotes the value of cultural diversity and will put in place and implement inclusive policies and strategies that enhance cultural diversity as a positive drive in the life of the University Community.
Australian Catholic University aims to create a community set apart by its academic excellence, intellectual integrity and ethical standards. In carrying out its role of teaching, research and service, the University openly engages the ethical, social and religious aspects of the questions it encounters. In all its activities and practices, the University is driven by a fundamental concern for equity and justice, and for the dignity of all human races.
The University conveys its unique identity through its friendly and welcoming community of staff and students that:
• Reflects its ethos
• Appreciates and celebrates the diversity in the University community
• Shows its commitment to access and equity
• Exhibits ethical conduct
• Emphasizes the primary values of human respect, dignity, and freedom
• Values the significance of cross-cultural knowledge
• Shows acceptance of cultural diversity
• Endeavour’s to ensure that the diverse nature of Australian society is exhibited in all dimensions of its education and employment.
The commitment to enhance cultural diversity involves sensitive and ethical appreciation and recognition of cultural differences.
The University
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