Importance Of Cultural Diversity In The Classroom

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Exploratory Essay How and why is it important to teach cultural awareness and diversity in school? Diversity and cultural awareness holds a lot of weight in shaping children in this country. I can relate to this question on a personal level, therefore I am able to write and research about this easily as well because growing up biracial I have faced a lot of issues that I believe could have been somewhat solved through educating others. It affects me because I see others who are far from culturally diverse and aware and it is apparent when they speak to others and myself. It affects myself when I am forced to be apart of a world where there are so many different people that I cannot avoid, I will have to work with others for the rest of my life. I get treated a certain way because others are not aware or diverse and it is not always easy to deal with this. A lot of people who would care and do care about this are usually minorities or any people of color because that is typically who faces the most issues when it comes to this. In all honesty I believe that the people who would care are the people who are open minded, not scared to be outside their comfort zone, and willing to learn about other peoples cultures and etc.
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Lynch, Ed.D. Matthew. "Promoting Respect for Cultural Diversity in the Classroom." The Huffington Post., 07 Mar. 2012. Web. 24 Jan. 2017. Teaching students to be culturally diverse in school is

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