Importance Of Cultural Immersion

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CULTURAL IMMERSION The World is filled with over 2 billion people. The beauty of our planet is that with over 2 billion people, comes diverse cultures. Every culture is beautiful and we should try to learn more than culture. Through cultural immersion, one gets to have to that authentic experience and which really helps for one to learn the new culture. Cultural immersion is defined as where one gets to live in a new environment and gets to interact with the locals. Through this interaction, he/she gets to learn the new culture. IMPORTANCE OF CULTURAL IMMERSION Help appreciate diversity Each group of people is different in terms of culture. Getting to live in a new area helps you to appreciate diversity in terms of culture. Through cultural immersion, you get to live, eat and participate in the activities the people in that area participate. This really helps you to appreciate the diversity of people. For instance living with the Maasai, Kenya, you get to witness how circumcision is carried out and how the rites of becoming a Moran. By witnessing these events you get to appreciate diversity. Change a person perceptive The world is ever changing and we should understand. Through cultural immersion, one is able to change his/her perceptive about things. Through participating in the people activities you get to see the kind of problems the local people. This really helps one to change how one views things. For instance, when a visitor gets to visit Kenya and get to live with
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