Multicultural Influence On My Culture

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My whole life I never thought about my culture. Until this class, multicultural influence on learning, I never thought about my culture because I was told as a white male I had none. In preparing for this paper and throughout this class I have seen this is not true at all! There is culture in everything, and it has vastly influenced the direction of my life.
There are quite a few things to consider when examining one’s own culture starting with one’s own parents. My mom is Half Italian half Danish which is an interesting mix, because growing up I was given quite a bit of Italian food, various pasta, spaghetti, ravioli, and most of all lasagna. Due to my Danish background I just got a lot of sweats and candy. My grandpa 's favorite and mine is black
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The holidays I have celebrated since I was born have been Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. I celebrated these because I grew up in a primarily christen household, and to quote my dad “they were fun traditions our parents did with us.” Not much else to look into. Each year we would run down stairs, be told which gifts where from Santa, they were in a separate pile, and which were from Mom and Dad. For Easter we would go to my aunt 's house and hunt for eggs in her yard. Lastly our Thanksgivings where nothing special just the whole family together to fatten ourselves up.
I have only ever known one language, English. In school I learned some Spanish as required, but I also had a few secondary Spanish speaking friends. This attributed to the type of music I listened too. Primarily knowing English music in English is what I listened to. I listened to Iron Maiden, AC’DC, Gorillaz, now I listen to Set It Off. These bands are considered rock, classic rock, and punk. These have influenced my mood cheering me up when I was sad, and fuelling my rage when I was angry and wanted to stay that way for a
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