Importance Of Culture And Diversity

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Understanding the importance of culture and diversity can help people better understand each others ' narratives. This can change how we think about each other and our discussions about sensitive topics to a more constructive approach. There are a few important concepts that we discussed in the past few weeks. The importance of diversity, narratives, and how culture defines these ideas. These are not typical things that we think about daily, so it was interesting to take a step back and study these concepts from an academic and engineering standpoint. There are many reasons why these ideas are important. We read a long article by WM. A. Wulf detailing just how and why diversity is important, specifically in engineering. He discusses many points which I agree with. When you work with a diverse team the various backgrounds and experiences come into play and lead to better solutions. This is something I have seen first hand. I have worked on numerous teams for school projects that consisted of a diverse group of people. At first, you don 't expect anyone to think much differently than yourself. However, once you start working and brainstorming different approaches to the problem you see just how differently your team thinks. I can remember many instances where I thought I had the right idea for a solution. I thought this was the only good approach. Each time someone else had a completely different idea that would also work to solve the problem. In the end, neither is right or
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