Culture And Values Of Communication In Health And Social Care

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Culture and Values The following essay will show factors influencing the communication practice. This essay will then discuss how legislation, charters and codes of practice impact communication in health and social care. Communication is influenced by values and cultures some of these are used in health and social care. Belief is one value that will always be used in any setting where care is provided. Every culture will have a different belief so having knowledge of a variety of beliefs will help you communicate effectively. A important communication is to maintain of health care, with respect to service users with a different cultural back ground. Cultures are a variety of knowledge, beliefs, an attitudes that are related to identify…show more content…
This can be to keep information private that is confidential and should only be used for the right practice when needed case will differ. Service users can lose faith and trust if personal data and information is not stored securely this is why it is important for laws to protect them. Legislations are there to give equal rights and not to discriminate were you work. These legislations are important in communication in HSC. Code of practice and ethics in some workplaces are also used in communication because they can affect privacy and confidential information. An example is internet use is limited to HSC workers due to codes of conduct this will assure good communication and work ethics. Other forms of technology will also be regulated by regulations and rules to protect the workplace, the workers and service…show more content…
One way to improve is the security of information. It can better privacy for service users and confidentiality. This will minimise any misunderstanding and miss communication. Rules can be put in place to improve communication that relate to presentations, reports and documents, notes and Notice Boards so service users can relate to these on a daily basis and use them to provide good communication to their clients. The internet use E-learning for staff with policies and regulations being updated frequently and team meetings before shifts starting to go through any concerns an highlight them, these to take place will also help improve communication. Other ways of communication can be improved in HSC: Providing communication to a service user with disabilities you need to know off the communication barriers and make changes which will help the patient feel at ease such as make all staff aware off the care plan in place for the service user so they do not need to repeat themselves which will be difficult. Training and educating the staff about efficient communication and teaching them good listening skills by doing activities. By doing the all this mentioned above, the HSC carers will have an better understanding process and build good interactions between providers and service users (Malone,
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