Importance Of Culture In Hindi Culture

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If you were born in a Hindu family in the Hindi speaking belt of Northern India, the word “cultured” can often feel like an oxymoron. Few Hindi-Hindus who have gone on to educate themselves very proudly associate themselves with the present culture in the belt. For us, to be cultured is a cheeky kick: our culture, or at least the one we saw around us growing up, is not the one we would have ourselves associate with.
Needless to say, there could certainly be those who are able to remain loyal to their roots and to their liberal ideals at the same time; those who rail against the caste system, and offer prayers every Dussehra at their local temple which still is not letting Dalit people use the hand pump on its premises. For the rest of us, who feel a knot in our stomach to reject a culture that can produce such ugly consequences as we have seen growing up, adolescence brings alienation, and adulthood brings rootlessness and a feeling of lack of identity.
But even by the accident of being born in the Hindi belt, we do not deserve this misfortune, for this hairy-chest-thumping, Muslim-lynching culture that is frothing at its mouth is not our own. Our heritage, which should have been the foundation of our culture, has been co-opted by many agents, but the umbrella Sangh Parivar seems like a good culprit to pin this crime upon. There are always the clichéd Kamasutra chapters and the temples of Puri, but our culture is so much more that, and so much more

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