Importance Of Culture In Learning English Essay

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English is one of the most used languages in the world. Nowadays, learning English has been paid more attention with the development of economic globalization and science. Every country’s people are learning foreign languages in order to make communication easier. English, which is considered as the most widely spoken language and recognized as the official language, is now getting more attention by all the countries. It is also a common language in many fields of cooperation. Therefore, the importance of the introduction of culture in learning English has been widely recognized.
English is considered as one of compulsory courses in many countries like China, Korea and it plays a significant role in the life of the countries. However, there exists some defects in learning English. Firstly, Chinese students put stress on some learning aspects such as
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It is obvious that culture and language are necessary and language is not only a simple symbol system, but also a major expressing formation that human beings rely on to demonstrate their customs, life styles, religion beliefs and national cultural features. Richard claimed that: ‘’If one does not understand the social culture, no one can truly learn a language and culture are affected and functioned by each other, to learn a language one should be familiar with the culture and totally understand the culture it is necessary to learn a language’’. The relation between culture and language seems as ‘’two sides of a coin’’. It means that they are an entirety. For this reason, we should learn them at the same time. Not only this, Chinese culture belongs to the oriental culture while the English-speaking countries are the occidental. So, if English learners lack certain amount of cultural knowledge, embarrassment will occur at any time. For example, in China during the reign of Qing Dynasty King Li Hong-Zhang was invited to America in order to show his great appreciation to American
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