Importance Of Culture In Malaysia

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Today, while enjoying a sunny Saturday evening at a local restaurant, drinking coconut water and gazing at the beautiful Pulau Kapas. One would imagine, that I would have done this throughout entire year. Believe me, it is one of my regrets. Not mingling with my community, is one of my biggest regrets. Now, I have plenty of friends here in Malaysia, but I could have gained several new ones. Preparing myself as much as possible for interactions with my community, was a fail, there’s only so much one can prepare for. For example, people stared as I walked through the market and people snickering and laughing aloud as I walk passed them while rudely point. Because of these reactions, I decided to leave the house only when I needed to or with other people. I constantly reminded myself that the people in my community, may have never had contact with a black person. My excuse, people who acted this way, did not realize that their actions were hurtful. This explanation could also be my way of coping with the madness. In my first few months, I missed critical time and interactions with people in my community. This, could have afforded more opportunities to share my American culture with others and I could have learned additional information about the Malaysia culture. I could have also, encouraged the people in my community to speak English and gain confidence while doing so. That is what I’m here for, right? Early in February, a man named Dede, contacted me about tutoring his son
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