The Importance Of Culture

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Speech-Is it necessary for a culture to be sacrificed for greater economic good How important is culture for you? Ehsan Sehgal, a Dutch poet once said, “Anyone who abandons the great culture and good values of his ancestors and adopts those of others in preference betrays himself. ” Some of you may wonder if culture is really that important like he said. For me, the answer is yes. Culture is a kind of gift that we should try our best to protect. It is also something that we should highly treasure because if you decide to abandon it, there is no way for you to retrieve it. It is true that a city can gain some benefits by giving up Onondaga Indian reservation to look for more economic opportunities. At the same time, it loses something meaningful…show more content…
” This is how Europeans described Indians. People always have the stereotype of the people in the tribe are savages. They are less smart and have lower status than others. This kind of stereotype is also showed in the movie of Pocahontas from how English views Indians as savages. But is it true? Actually, a civilized person can even learn something from savages. Moreover, people in Onondaga tribe are not savages. They are kind and united. They have their own history, language and laws. Maybe they have different values with Europeans. However, their culture feature and deposits can influence all the people and help the whole society to develop towards a good direction. Its culture prize is precious and immeasurable. The benefits that the culture of Onondaga tribe brings to the city will not only influence present life, but also the future society. Also, culture can bring economic benefit. Like the movie of Pocahontas shows, the land of Indians has plenty of natural resources such as maize, cotton and so on. Indians also have their own way of planting and building. Europeans are unfamiliar with all of these resources and technologies. Therefore, the existence of
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