Importance Of Cupping Therapy In The Body

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The Importance of Cupping therapy in the body
Cupping therapy has been found to help in the general improvement of physical and mental wellbeing. Blood is transported and transformed through the various activities controlled by “Qi”, which circulates through blood vessels, and transmit vital nutrients that nourish the blood vessels, tissues and all vital organs of the body. Al-Hijamah ( cupping therapy), is a simple technique , however it produces some positive and dramatic effects on your overall wellbeing. Your immune system largely depends on the flow of blood and energy, however, when symptoms of some ailments stagnate, your body will feel weak and sick, therefore the cups used in cupping therapy produce some pulling power on such stagnation of blood and energy, thus reducing your pain and improve drastically, your overall wellbeing.
You need to keep in mind that any external therapy applied to influence your general health, must begin with the skin, it is the body’s first constant and remains the mirror to the rest of the body. Someone who has good health will naturally have a healthy and shining skin. The skin protects the body from certain pathogenic infections , in addition to providing several other functions in the body. There are several channels linking the body from the skin, therefore when stimulation is being created through Al-Hijamah, the body’s Qi and blood must be manipulated, in order to gain access to the vital organs.

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