Importance Of Curiosity In Counselling

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The phrase curiosity killed the cat have often been proven in today’s world by teenagers, quite literally, if I might add. Curiosity is an “eagerness to learn” or a “willingness to pry to find information so that they can be sated. As we have known, teenagers are beings full of curiosity especially in trying new trends, behaviours and challenges. As time goes by and world becomes more and more advance, they become braver to break out of the “cocoon” or safety shells build by their parents and society as the grew up just because they want to be accepted by their peers. This in turn led them toward variations of crimes from small to bigger ones. According to polices, in the year of 1995, there were 1895 cases involving teenagers in various kind of crime such as smoking, vandalism, theft, housebreaking, robberies, rapes, murders, illegal racing and baby dumping. Not all curiosity are bad, just the direction…show more content…
However, I believe that as long as the Prevention Counselling is being done continuously and constantly without giving up, there will be hope in future for us to save our youth, teenagers and future successors. This course truly has given me eyes opener toward the true meaning of counselling and its many differences of not only theories, but also methods, purposes and targets of the interventions. Before this, I’ve never would have taught that these campaigns and talks were considered as parts of the Prevention Counselling methods. Bill Gates once mentioned that treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable. To minimize and fully erase or destroy certain problems, we need to take baby steps before we begin to face them to fully destroy them. I admit that they won’t be easy but as long we continue oppressing these crimes, from the early beginning, someday these problems shall be gone from ever destroying us teenagers, the nation’s precious heirs and
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