Write An Essay On The Importance Of Ethics In Education

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Being part of a quintessential Indian family has inculcated in me, a set of ethics and values that will stay with me forever. My parents being high school teachers always taught me education without ethics is futile, hard work should be a habit of life as there are no shortcuts to become successful and learning is a never-ending process. We believe that, helping others is not a favor but responsibility, being patient and optimistic is a path to a contended life and in turn helps us maintain a positive attitude to what we face in life.
I believe curiosity is the starting step for learning. Curiosity plays a major role in our lives, it is what keeps us moving forward, opening new doors and leading us through new paths. Curiosity and competiveness together make us stay motivated to learn. Both of them have always been a major part of my life. They have taken me through various journeys in my life and they always get the best out of me. We now live in an ambitious world. Learning from success is as important as learning from failure. I have been taught that
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Being taught by well versed professors who are steeped in cutting edge and breakthrough research would be like a dream come true for me. I plan to participate actively in class, be an active member of the student clubs, and build a solid network of students and alumni. Leveraging the activities led by the Career Development Office would be a stepping stone for defining the type of career I would like to pursue, based on my interests and skills. I plan on having a systematic, planned approach for my job search activities, making best use of the workshops, which will be exceptionally useful tools to narrow down my career options and take a well informed decision.Finally, I would be grateful if an admission is offered along with financial

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