Importance Of Curriculum Development

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Tanner and tanner (2007 pg 121) outlines their view of education that was retrieved from the Dewey Definitions of education “That reconstruction of knowledge and experience that enables the learners to grow in exercising intelligent control of subsequent knowledge and experience .Education however revolves around curriculum. However it is changing sequence of planning learning experience that must change now and then to cater for the changes that is going on in terms of content knowledge in terms of science and the society as a whole .It consists of four fundamental mechanism Goals, methods, materials and assessment. Goals are the benchmarks or expectations for teaching and learning. Methods are the instruction or strategies used to conduct the learning process. Materials are tools used to carry out the learning and teaching process. Furthermore assessment is procedure to find out whether the students’ performance is improving and so forth .These 4 elements are vital for effective and efficient learning to take place. As mentioned in the lectures, curriculum is a plan for ordering and directing the teaching and learning experience for the teachers as well as students in the learning process. Curriculum reform in May, 1970. The Curriculum Development Unit is responsible for development and the implementation of the curriculum in Fiji schools throughout .Its principal aim was comprehensive and appropriate curriculum for students and teachers. It was mostly required to be
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