Importance Of Curriculum Development

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In the 19th century the two missionaries came to Fiji and introduced the concept of schooling or to introduce formal education, but before they came traditional education was existed such as education was concerned with continuity and maintenance of the community. According to Kerr he defines curriculum as all the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it is carried on in groups or individually, inside and outside the school. Curriculum is the total learning experience provided by a school which includes the content of courses, the methods employed and other aspects, which relate to the way the school is organized(Kerr,2009). Sharpes further explains that curriculum is "what the teacher does and what the teacher knows, and who the teacher is the teacher 's behavior, knowledge and personality”. In this essay, I will be discussing on the present development and implementation of the curriculum in our country and also I will be stating some solutions in order to improve the curriculum development and implementation processes in our beloved country. Firstly, curriculum development is the process of selecting, organizing, executing, and evaluating learning experiences on the basis of the needs, abilities and interests of the learners and the nature of the society or community (Bilbao,2008). Curriculum development is also known as the process of providing the plan and keeping it running smoothly. It is more comprehensive term, which includes planning or
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