Importance Of Curriculum Development

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Curriculum development is the process of improving the curriculum via various different approaches. The curriculum development focuses on improving and innovating in education, although this can take a number of years to get right. There are five core activities in curriculum development: They all take place interactively. The objectives approach was designed by Ralph Tyler. Another name for the approach is the instrumental approach as Ralph emphasised the importance of a systematic design process. In the approach knowledge, social preparation and personal development for the learner are all connected by different ways and all play a part in the approach. The needs of the subject discipline, society and the learners all go together when determining the educational objectives. In an ideal curriculum there will be the perfect balance between all 3 perspectives. The most valuable aspects is that the teachers will guide the learners in order for them to achieve the objectives. The process approach was developed by a British educational thinker, Lawrence Stenhouse. He had a strong belief that teachers must research while they teach and may even change course in the process of teaching. The curriculum designs should be descriptive rather than the normal prescriptive as teachers have the ability to change it. The focus should be on how the learners will learn and attempting to enrich the learners. The pragmatic approach was designed by Paolo Freire. He had a focus on
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