Importance Of Curriculum

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Importance of curriculum and textbook

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Introduction of curriculum:
The word curriculum is defined from Latin which means “race”. curriculum is the body or selection of content and also the way of achieving is planned and guided by the school management to the pedagogue and is not just the set of content but it does matter on the success of individual or group. if the curriculum is good so the individual or group’s skill will be remarkable and worth of refers to the knowledge and skills that students are expected
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Education in this sense, is the process by which these are transmitted or delivered to the students by most effective method that can be devised” (Blenkin et at 1992: 23) quoted by (Smith;
“All the experience and activities a learner has under the guidance of the school” (Forshay,1969 )
Often the word curriculum is used for content and objectives but it includes assessment, material and all elements required for effective learning.
Types Of Curriculum :
There are three basic types of curriculum
1. Explicit/ Written Curriculum: It is simple formal instruction that is written by the administration , curriculum director and teachers .
2. Implicit/ Hidden Curriculum : It is not written and official , designed by the individual teacher to modify students behavior and convey social and cultural message.
3. Null Curriculum : The part of content that is not taught by the instructor and not considered necessary in educational experience.

Importance of curriculum :
An effective curriculum is designed by the administrator, curriculum director and teacher to indicate the quality of provides teacher and student a road map to follow the academic success and relates the caliber or level of tells what is appropriate for being a part of content to reach the academic success and prepare the student for next target or
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textbook is forwarding knowledge to the individual or group of people.
Textbook is a manual of instruction or a standard book in any branch of study. they are produced according to the demand of educational institution. Textbook is not written by any individual but its working of a group and many author assist each other to published a textbook. If the knowledge is not a practical but just a theory so In that case a learner can do self study through textbook and gain pile of knowledge by his doesn’t require any instructor in that case.
Although there are many other material in this period but still number of teacher and professionals rely heavily on textbook as their core teaching resources. Though out the 19th century books were used to reach the curriculum .
History of textbook:
History shows that as long as writing and schools are existing ,textbook have also been presented. The first textbook was written in the period of 16th century. It was written in Latin, the language of scholars and schooling of that time. The main purpose to teach and give the awareness of Latin language and get knowledge simultaneously. Education were probably about Bible and poetry that
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