Importance Of Customer Expectations In Service

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Customer expectations are of chief importance in a service. Customer expectations are beliefs about service delivery which function as criteria against which the service is judged. It analyses the performance of the service rendered. Customer loyalty is achieved through the providing an excellent service. Keeping service quality high enables a service firm to achieve customer loyalty and thus retain the existing customers as well as attract new customers to it. Advantages of customer retention is a crucial factor in a service’s growth and development for which reason the firm maintain understanding, meeting and delivering customer expectations as its primary goal. These are strategized as reference points. The customer’s perception about performance…show more content…
Dynamic Performance Expectations (expected levels of evolution of the service over time)
v. Technological Expectations (the evolving status of the service type technologically) vi. Interpersonal Expectations (expectations in relationship between the customer and the service provider like quality of support) vii. Situational Expectations (expectations that depend on the situations for example expectations based on imprecise images that create satisfaction or acceptability)
These are customer expectations of any service in performance. Now let us look at the levels of customer expectation which could be represented in a continuum. Customer expectation continuum along which different possible types of service expectations can be arrayed from low to high is displayed in figure 2.1.1. The continuum represents expectations ranging from high (top) to low (bottom).
The expectations therefore rage between the ideal to least or minimum tolerable levels. Figure 2.1.2 would give you further insight into these expectations.
Studying the continuum helps us understand the concepts of desired service, adequate service, predicted service and zone of tolerance etc.
(i) Desired Service and Adequate
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It is an underlying and fundamental generic attitude about the meaning and reception of the service. They demand a proper or standard conduct or approach from a service provider based on their own experience being part of such a venture, shaped by the training and involvement in that role, which has modified their philosophy. For example, a doctor would expect more from a health service firm say, a diagnosis clinic, than an ordinary man.
Now let us inspect adequate service expectations and the factors that influence these.
Adequate Service Expectations are influenced by factors totally dissimilar factors in comparison with desired service expectations. An adequate service expectation is the level or degree of service the customer realises acceptable or agreeable to his satisfaction. These factors are usually short term. They are also fluctuating in nature as compared to factors influencing the desired service expectations. There are chiefly five main factors that influence adequate service expectations.

• Temporary Service
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