Importance Of Customer Orientation In Tourism

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The process of choice of services is much more complicated than the choice of tangible products and the factors influencing the decision varies a lot. When someone chooses the tangible product it pays attention to visible, tactile and sometimes acoustical characteristics such as colours, shapes, textures, smells, sounds etc. But you cannot see or touch services and in order to assess them we use more rational and thorough analysis. There are many spheres providing various services like insurance, medicine, hospitality, etc. For the study of factors of customer-orientation two of them were selected – tourism and event industries. The industry of tourism is being challenged by a growing demand for customer orientation, increasing international…show more content…
The industry of MICE tourism is a complex and diverse one. This sector is associated with planning, travel and participation in different kinds of programs and events. The incentive travel is a kind of agreement between a company and its employees and/or customers (Kushcheva, 2016). The wording of the agreement may be the following: “You do this for us, and we will reward you in a way you will never forget”. The sector of MICE also includes a leisure tourism part, which is added to the main business…show more content…
Perceived customer value is marketing and branding related concept that points out that success of a product is largely based on whether customers believe it can satisfy their needs. (Kokemuller, 2016) When a company develops its brand and markets its products, customers ultimately determine how to interpret and react to marketing messages. Value Proposition A value proposition is a comparison of the benefits offered by a company 's product to its customers relative to the price it asks customers to pay. Companies can generally influence the value proposition in one of two ways. They can use long-term brand building advertising to emphasize key traits of the brand and products. They can also offer a relatively low cost to enhance value. Ultimately, the key is that customers perceive that the product 's merits exceedingly justify its price. Research Marketers deliver advertising messages with various intents and through various media. Market research is critical to understand how certain types of customers will respond to certain messages in those media. Companies use focus groups, surveys and test markets, along with other research tools, to get a sense for what customers want and do not want from products in a given industry. Knowing what are customers’ thoughts and needs, gives companies better ability to influence them with the

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