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1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, new technology can make new criminal opportunities can happen in this era. Cyber-crime can be categorized in various categories such as Cyber espionage, identity fraud, and ransom ware and so on. As we can see the different use of the computerized is about the technology alone and lacking for any improvement that may exist between several realms of criminal activity. Cyber-crime, mostly including the Internet, communicates to an expansion of existing criminal conduct nearby some of new illegal activities. The technology used to keep an eye on casualties, and the inspirations driving them change. System reconnaissance apparatuses, correspondence splitting procedures, malware and “social network poisoning” are only
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That is the encouraging thing of the emergence of cyber-crime. Cyber-crimes are crimes dedicated genuinely through internet. Which means the crimes dedicated should expand to other international location which is beyond the Malaysian jurisdiction. Robbery, fraud, harassment, pornography, stalking, damage to belongings are all familiar crimes. In other phrases, cyber-crimes are even related to most other principle troubles in computer information these days for the example intellectual assets rights, infant pornography, and privacy troubles that 's cyber espionage additionally one of the cyber-crime act. Parallel to the launching of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) by using Malaysian high Minister in 1996, the Malaysian authorities has added the brand new regulation that name Cyber legal guidelines. This rule includes the Computer Act 1997, the Digital Signature Act 1997 and the Telemedicine Act 1997. The Computer Crime Act 1997 (CCA 97) has come into force on 1st June

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