Personal Narrative: My First Dance Experience

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I was six when I had my first dance recital and I was disappointed that I did not have a bigger role. To be fair, I had just started dancing but was determined to not be a little kid and dance with my friends. After my dance was over my mom came over to me and told me how proud of me she was. I was satisfied. After a time, I started losing interest in dance, it would always interfere with my after school activities, and the dances started to get harder as well. My mom, who loves the arts, convinced me to continue with dance as it will help you in the long run. Now, looking back I am glad that I listened. Ten years pass and I my teacher tells me that I am ready to graduate from Indian Classical Dance. She tells me that it is going to be a huge commitment. I did not truly understand what that would entail until I started my training. As I started my training I was still able to dance with my friends, and we would joke and mess around throughout the class. Later on, I had individual classes where I would dance for 2 hours straight and I was not able to hang out with my friends because I was in class. At first, I was not happy about it because I felt like I was missing out but I later realized that I truly love dance when I was able to practice for 4 hours every day only complaining that my legs were killing me and not…show more content…
I saw how much enjoyment dance brought to people, and I knew that this would be something that I would want to continue to do. I want to continue to dance but I also want to help people and prevent them from getting very sick or hurt in the first place. My family friends as well as the people I have danced for are individuals who might not have received the best care and I want to fix that for them. So freshmen year of college I started volunteering around the Birmingham area as well as shadowing at

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