A Narrative Essay On An Escape Analysis

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Everyone in the world has something they use to escape, mine is dance. Dance has come through as an escape for me at many particular moments in my life, but there is one time that’ll always come in mind to me. I was a junior in high and co-captain of my varsity dance team and it was an exciting week because we had our first competition of the year on Saturday morning. On Wednesday of that very week, my best friend Hannah and I had decided to take a different route to school just so we could skip homeroom and stop at our favorite little cafe. We were jamming out to the new Justin Bieber “Purpose” album when all of sudden one of the main intersections in our little city was completely shut down. We were super confused until we saw what looked like the worst T-bone car accident ever. The cops ended up making us take a detour to school so we couldn’t stop for breakfast and we were even more late than we intended to be.
When we arrived at school, the office called our parents since we were late and I had to explain to my dad about the accident. A few hours passed by and I was changing out of my leotard from dance class so I could go to lunch, when I got text from my dad saying, “Accident you saw this morning was Uncle Sal”, and to say the least I freaked. My uncle was in ICU in very
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From the ripe old age of four, I have been inside of Dancing Plus, a dance studio in my hometown, or as I would like to call it, my second home. It was where I encountered my first injury, it was where I would train for over twenty-five hours a week, it was where I developed my love for dance. I cannot recall a time where I was upset about a grade or mad at my parents or just in a bad mood in general, and this special place did not make me feel a million times better. There was just something about being in the studio, wearing my black leotard and tights, dancing away the problems, that always made me feel at
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