Importance Of Dancing In My Life

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Dancing was my first love. As a little kid, I always enjoyed dancing. I was always chosen to join dance performances in school. But, my family did not really notice my passion for dancing.

When I was in Grade 3, I was asked to join a performance on our community wherein my friends and I were to perform an interpretative song and dance number. That experience was bliss and priceless to me. Little did I know, that would be the start of something great.

After our performance, a new door opened to me. I was asked to join the choir in our church. Even though that does not involved dancing, I wanted to join so bad because my friends are on it. But, unfortunately, my parents did not allow me to. I was saddened because again, my parents did not appreciate what I wanted to do. Sometimes, it is tiring to follow what your parents or grandparents wants for you for oftentimes, it is against what you want.

Two years later, the need for a new pianist in our chuch arose. Without me knowing, my grandfather already gave his word that I will be the one to replace the former pianist. Because of this, I will automatically have a spot in the church’s choir. At first I was reluctant. As a child who was raised in a religious family, I was taught to listen and follow to what God has planned. But then, during that time, I began to question Him. I began to question His timing. Why did He let this happen only now when I do not what to join the choir anymore?

My grandfather enrolled me in a piano
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