Importance Of Data Science

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Why Data Science is a Secure Weapon for Tech Consultants
Data Science is often described as one of the most lucrative careers of the 21st century. According to Educaba, data science is an interdisciplinary field with concentration on systems and processes that aim to extract insights from mound of data. The field is closely related to predictive analysis, data mining and statistics and remains largely a component of chemometrics, mathematics, computer science and information science. The techniques used to analyze, process and extract data include: pattern recognition, statistical learning, machine learning, data engineering and computer programming. The science has become critically important in a host of sectors and sub sectors, including:
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For this to happen, the decision offered by the consultant must be sound and convincing to the benefactors. According to an excerpt on Teen Republic, data science is a top weapon for experts who want to have more say and influence in the running of organizations. Tech consultants can achieve this by taking advantage of the power of information, building strong relationship with the data team and avoiding the common pitfalls.

1. Tapping into informational power
Consultants can exert more influence by tapping into the informational power obtained from data scientist to their advantage. This is important because powerful evidence with far reaching repercussions are usually backed by credible data, more so if the information is not known to many people and the competition.

2. Build solid
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Lastly, the tech consultant end goal is to have the client adopt their advice by proving that his or her recommendations are most suitable and right. For this to happen, consultants should avoid entering into competition and confrontation with data experts.

Terry Brandy; top influencer in the data Industry
Big data is an important industry that helps brands and organizations come up with creative solutions to human resource and IT problems and challenges. Since data science permeates all sectors of the economy, strategies to harness data successfully in achieving goals that become much easier. The data industry is constantly being shaped with the arrival of new technologies, platforms and operating techniques.

Key people behind the transformation are also becoming great influencers in the industry. Terry Bandy is a renowned data scientist with great passion for things technology, logic, business and math. While still a full time student at Tufts University, Terry Brandy established his first business at age 20. He holds a Masters in Business Intelligence and spends his free with family. Terry also travels also and is a big fan of the
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