My Last Day-Personal Narrative

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Day after day after day, it’s all a repetition of yesterday. I was out in the field along with my friends and other people I have meet. We were working in the cotton fields to gather cotton for materials. It was a lonely time, sometimes we would sing songs in the fields but the people who bought us off would come out and whip us sometimes. The situation just gets worse because any mistake we make, we are punished. Happy times they were back then as a child with my family. Where everyone did their part and we weren 't forced into work labor. It was a great time and I miss it everyday.
It was when I was 18 that I was taken from my home. I had just woken from the night and gone outside when a white man grabbed me by my arms and tied them with a rope. The man led me to a ship that had others from my tribe, some I’d never even seen. A few of my friends were there, all as terrified as I was. I didn 't want to leave my family, I 'd loved them so much and missed them deeply. I remember when I was 10. My brother and I were playing with in the fields with our friends. We were all having fun and making up games. Those happy times, the times I always miss. Spending time with my family was always one of the best of moments. Whether we were silent or laughing all night it
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Ideas came from left and right on a way to free me as well. One idea was to sacrifice another member but I was not going to let that happen. We decided to fake my death, if I die they usually don’t pick someone else and would just leave me to rot there, leaving everyone else to bury the body. Just this time no one was getting buried. Succession was on our side because we had done it. Our owner had believed I was dead and just cursed out loud because of the loss of money he could have made. Night had come and we were all packed and ready to leave this fake home to build a new
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