Importance Of Death Penalty In The Philippines

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Death Penalty must be implemented in the Philippines In most countries in the developed world, the death penalty is legal. Many Filipinos want to make it legal in these countries as well as, believe that the death penalty is an important way of keeping as safe. If murderers are sentenced to death, executed, potential murderers will think twice before killing for fear of losing their own life. Today, many criminals acts and or criminals that never stop and never been deterred because of the punishment that are not that strong enough to make criminals threaten. While as of Death Penalty is a punishment that many of the citizens said that this is a most effective way of keeping the society safe. Death penalty is necessary in order to minimize or lessen the crime rates in the Philippines. According to ( Capital punishment, death penalty…show more content…
Laws also invented by man for the benefit of everyone, but there are some people take advantage to put down another person or to eradicate them because they want the power or the wealth. This research would give an idea to the readers and students that the idea of the death penalty is important for the safety of everyone. It’s not wrong to kill someone if that person kills somebody we need justice. For these criminals don’t have the mercy, they only do it for their pleasure. We need a system that will stop this we are so tired of hearing dead and innocent person being murdered by the criminals we need a change our country. Philippines have increasingly high in criminal rate and by implementing they will threaten and they think twice if they do criminal activities. We can do good things by doing the appropriate thing to do, but individuals have different perspective in life. All we need to do is to help or encourage other people to do good things and think of their
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