Importance Of Decorative Mosquito Trap

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Mosquitoes are the most common virus carrier and unfortunately they can be found everywhere.
To protect from posting danger and sickness, some result to using traps others use sprays- which can be harmful to health too.
With this, the researchers come up with the idea of Decorative Mosquito trap. This trap aims to eliminate mosquitoes without the health risks from chemical sprays and the electrocutions from other trap. The Decorative Mosquito Trap is made of UV Light that can attract mosquitoes and Fan to trap those mosquitoes and Electric Rod Shock net to kill mosquitoes. This Decorative mosquito trap is easy and it is rechargeable type that you can use even there is no electricity.
This Decorative Mosquito
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Although the Department of Health did not encourage the use of mosquito coil, still many people and household use this at their homes. Luckily, there are other tools and appliances that repel and kill mosquito. There is now available racket-type mosquito repellant that once mosquito near this device or slapped by the racket-type mosquito repellant, one can hear the tickling sound of mosquito being zapped.The net structure is primarily made up of three layers of metal mesh and is rather a complicated assembly.
The inner central layer is actually the "hot" mesh and is terminated as a high voltage source from the circuit enclosed in the lower handle area. The outer two layers are simply connected with the negative of the battery and constitute the ground for a return path to the central “hot" mesh line. But this device cannot kill all of the mosquitos and another insect. Aside from this, there is already a commercially available electric mosquito repellant, which looks like an emergency light but in fact it attracts mosquito and once it near the lights, the mosquito will be
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Significance of the Study

This research is significant to the researcher in terms of the application of the theoretical knowledge. The decorative mosquito trap can help to reduce mosquitoes in the community. The output of this study can be utilized to the college for the safety and protection of the student and teaching populace. .
The researchers and other Electrical Technology students will also benefit in this study because project studies such as this serve as their actual application of the learned theories in electricity and its benefits to mankind. Through this study, the researchers will be able to apply their wild imagination in the application of electricity and design. Lastly, future researchers who can use this study as reference to their future researches

Scope and Limitation

This study focuses to the design and development of the decorative mosquito trap.The variables covered in this study is to determine the acceptability of the Decorative mosquito trap in terms of the design we constructed, safety of the user, effectiveness of killing the mosquitoes and its

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