Importance Of Design In Our Life

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In the times of modern design, art and design has already become a part of our life and plays important roles in our society. Design not only decorates our society and living places, but also brings us a well-rounded life and makes our life become more colourful. Design is a great benefit that would not cause any negative issues to our society. So can you imagine how boring and dull will be if does not exist any art and design in our daily life? Can you imagine how our life will be in the future? Most importantly, do you have thought before about how important design is? Some people does not appreciate to the art that created by designers and artists because they unrealized the importance of art and design. Because of that, I would…show more content…
They need the design works to earn their salary and take care of their family. Nowadays, design has already included several types of jobs. For examples, there are product designer, fashion designer, graphic designer, interior designer and many more. These careers and occupations has already contributes more to the society with their professional works. Hence, people can get the easier ways to solve their daily problems and enjoy their life with the creative tools that invented by the designers. Design is very important in our daily life because it makes people have the opportunities to change their life become better and more fun.

Firstly, the importance of art and design in daily life is benefit to business. How design can benefit to business? People can use the product design in their business because product design can help the company to increase their sales quantities and sell the product with a high efficiency and smoothly. The customers will have more choices to choose their product and able to find what they are looking for. Product design can fulfil the demands of the customers and they are willing visit the same company again in the future. Referencing to the words of Vonderembse (n.d.),
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